Abbey Rawson – Australia

Abbey is an emerging visual artist and an aspiring writer based in South Australia. Her visual arts practice primarily involves fine art printmaking processes, including intaglio, collagraph, mono-printing, and relief printing techniques. She has written a series of original fairytales, a number of short stories about familial relationships, and I am in the early stages of working on a young adult fantasy novel and a children’s picture book. Her work (written and visual) explores a range of themes, including myths, fairytales, transformation, fantasy, internal landscapes, relationships, and the natural environment.

She has collected fairytales over the years from a range of countries and cultures, and is interested in how they can be used to explore both the familiar and the unknown, as well as fear, danger, morality, everyday life, justice, and humour. During this residency she will work in a multidisciplinary approach on writing, editing, sketching and illustrating a series of fairytales. She will use the time to edit the unfinished fairytales and hopefully find inspiration for new pieces for my portfolio. She also hopes to make sketches of the characters, the landscape, and the natural environment, which will be used for the illustrative works.