Abby Poulson – Wales 

Abby Poulson is an emerging artist, photographer and young curator currently based in Wales.

Employing camera-less techniques, alternative processes, installation and sculpture, Abby uses her process broadly and experimentally to explore ideas surrounding her homeland, whilst also responding to welsh identity, environmental concerns, the rural, memory and place.

Abby recently produced a body of work titled The Gathering Ground, which forms a personal investigation studying the rise of independence in the artist’s homeland, Wales, and its historical connection to water. She has since been drawn to documenting affected / interfered landscapes in the rural, particuarly sites that have evidence of past industrious activity.

Abby graduated from Swansea College of Art with a BA Hons in Photography from the Arts in 2020. Since then, Abby has focused on widening her network in Wales by working collaboratively with artists, galleries and creative communities.

Rock Scan (Limestone), 2021

At Stiwdio Maelor, Abby will be working as research assistant for ‘We live with the land / The Land as Other’, a multi-disciplinary art exploration responding to the history/story of the land, language and land, a sense of place, the environmental and re-wilding movements and the positioning of land by outsiders as other – a visual / playground commodity (tourism) in Wales. Abby will also be learning how Stiwdio Maelor operates as an artist residency programme, and also setting up a permanent new traditional photographic darkroom on site for other artists to use.

Moss Mynydd Mawr, Lumen Print, 2021