Stiwdio Maelor receives no funding and has been established on an extremely low budget. To keep residency fees low, Maelor charges artists only the minimum amount required to keep the Stiwdio operating. All Maelor work is done by volunteers for no financial reward (including all the work done by the founder and co-ordinator, Veronica Calarco). Volunteers, in return for their work, receive residencies or payment towards their travel costs (if they live within the local area).

Stiwdio Maelor benefits between 50-60 artists a year as well as provides events for the local community and contributes to the growth of a new community of artists, poets, performers, writers, and thinkers in the heart of Corris and contributes to the local area. 

To keep maintaining and improving Maelor we need your assistance. This assistance can be financial, providing volunteer work or goods, becoming a Friend of Maelor and/or donating/purchasing artwork. With the purchase of artwork fifty percent goes towards the Maelor improvement fund and fifty percent towards the artist through receiving a return residency.

Please do not feel embarrassed at making a small donation. Every little bit helps.

Friends of Stiwdio Maelor has been set up to support Stiwdio Maelor’s mission to create a continuing and sustainable future for an active arts organisation in Corris. We hope that you can support us in developing the Friends of Maelor initiative. An example of a reward we are offering is discount on entry fees to competitions, bursaries etc. There are also other rewards and we hope to develop more in the future. Find more information about becoming a Friend and the form here: Friends of Stiwdio Maelor

Annual membership: £25
Volunteers are welcome to work on general or special projects, assist artists in their work or show the artists the local area. This could be a good way to gain some work experience, work with and meet individual artists and participate in an active arts organisation.
Please help us to develop Stiwdio Maelor into a superb creative space, with art related activities for the local community, and contribute to a vibrant arts culture in North Wales.
For further information about membership, subscribing to our mailing list, volunteering, or donating to Stwidio Maelor email:
Thank you for continuing to support Maelor with your visit, donation of your work and/or donation of money.

You can also purchase work made by artists who have completed residencies. The sale of art work goes towards funding Stiwdio Maelor and will fund  a return visit by that artist.