Anna Jensen and Andrea Coyotzi Borja – Finland

Anna Jensen (MA) and Andrea Coyotzi Borja (MA) are working as doctoral candidates in Aalto University in the Pori Live project. Their next project is Kehityksen syrjässä – kehkeytyvä teollinen kulttuuriperintö alueellisena voimavarana.

In their residency period, they will explore the possibilities of a peripheral residence and low cost and sustainable practices in art and artistic research. They will explore the relationship between the centralised art sphere and its relation to the visibility of the peripheral. In their dissertation they combine both artistic practice and artistic research to approach the concept of the infra-ordinary and the uncanniness of the everyday.

The main subjects they will approach during the residency period:
– Observing the possible structures of the everyday life within a peripheral context and its visibility and representation within art practices.
– Questioning the role of documentation in artistic practices: What gets documented, by which medium, and how that chosen medium mediates the interpretation of the artwork.
– The relationship between modes of production related to the context of the experience of the everyday.

Related ongoing projects:
– Elävä Pori (Pori Live)
– Porin Kulttuurisääto
– Anna Jensen “The soul of a place and a being” DA Thesis subject.
– Andrea Coyotzi Borja “The practice of the Infra Ordinary” DA Thesis subject.
– How to life: the art of expecting below average. Gesamtkunstwerk and umbrella project.