Alison Craig – Wales

Alison was the first artist to visit Maelor and was now able to come back 18 months later to complete a second residency. There have been a lot of changes (improvements, really) both to Maelor and to Corris. Here is what she wrote after her second visit:

‘Maelor has become a great venue, and Corris is developing a really good “vibe”. Now Andy & Adam’s shop is open, the village really has almost everything you could ask for.  The stiwdio attic is a lovely space to work in (and the bed is really comfortable). My own bathroom is definitely cold and nasty in comparison with yours!’

Driven by the sense of continuity inherent within the landscape, Alison Craig investigates the persistence of the human spirit across time, using the things we can see to hint at what lies underneath. The construction of the work – the layering of paint, pigment, paper, fabric; cut, torn and reassembled – stands as a metaphor for the archaeological past. Fragmentary, reworked images of found objects and topographical features suggest the sense of place; journeys made, things seen and unseen are fed into the whole to form work which may be read on more than one level.

Alison’s work is generally site-specific, and she loved the opportunity to escape the distractions of her home life and explore Corris for the second time.

During her time at Stiwdio Maelor, Alison:

– collected site specific objects for reference

– created sketchbook drawings

– walking drawings

– studio drawings

– create some “prints without a press” (monoprints, relief prints)

– did more drawings

– started on some paintings

All with the idea of developing a new body of work, referencing the history and topography of Corris and its’ people.