Amy Ash and Alex Warren – England


Alex Warren is a teacher and a creative. She has a background in Human Geography, with specific interests in cartography and sound walks. The bulk of her work explores the ways in which meta-cognitive practices affect learning. Through the year she teaches year five at a school which shares her ethos.

Amy Ash is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist, whose practice includes curatorial and learning. She aims to break down barriers, creating an opportunity for shared experience and independent meaning. Frequent threads throughout her work are memory, lore and hearsay. She exhibits both in the UK and in North America and designs and delivers gallery learning projects in London.

Alex’s practice tends to be rooted in place and Amy’s is largely informed by objects and actions. More and more, however, their interests are overlapping. Within the last year they have found themselves becoming more involved in a collaborative practice, examining authorship and autonomy. They first worked together on a series of children’s art workshops.

Amy and Alex will spend two weeks at Stiwdio Maelor researching and delivering a socially engaged programme which addresses authorship and the nature of history, as well as a sense of place.

seaside project 3
rebuilding London