Audrey Bialke – USA

In all areas of Audrey’s work she is trying to capture an authentic sense of the subject, whether it is human, animal, or land. She has now lived in several different places, and have always felt an urgency to try and recreate the unique qualities they each possessed through paintings and other methods of mark making. Her work is often quiet and melancholic, and mostly representational with some parts bordering on full abstraction. She is interested in the emotional subtleties that differentiate one place from another, one person from the next. She is compelled to create paintings that contain elements of physical representation but ultimately strives to hone in on an exactness of feeling.
Trying to capture a sense of a place that feels true to reality but is also emotionally expressive is what Audrey aims to do at Stiwdio Maelor. Audrey hopes to get a feel for the town and the community, either by doing some studies of the residents or just chatting with them. Audrey values solitary time to generate ideas, and plans on many walking excursions with her french-easel strapped to her back. Being able to immerse herself in the vast Welsh landscape would be beneficial to her pre-existing themes of reverence, melancholia, and the sublime beauty of nature.