Beth Dillon – Australia and Greg Stauffer – Switzerland

Beth will be doing solo field research and studio experimentation, to develop aspects of her MFA body of work. Her Masters research project explores nomadic narratives in contemporary art, focusing on shared experiences between the travelling artist and the tourist. Over the next two years, she will be creating a series of landscape studies using video, costumed performance and sculptural installation. These installations play with representations of the figure in the landscape, experiment with sightseeing behaviours, and confront fantasies of the wilderness and the remote. She is particularly interested in visiting Studio Maelor as during her undergraduate degree she studied Welsh and Norse mythic poetry. She is interested in spending time in the landscape that inspired these texts. She will take long walks through Snowdonia National Park, gathering video footage, photo stills and audio samples with which to create future installations. Beth intends to research and visit the iconic tourist village of Portmeirion, reflecting on themes of nostalgia, desire and the façade.


Greg Stauffer will be joining Beth for the last two weeks of her residency, Greg and Beth will be working on a collaborative dance and stage work exploring fantasies and projections of the ‘North’. The project was begun during a period of research and experimentation in the Finland in the winter of 2016. Throughout 2016, Greg has been working with Beth and other musicians and performers, lighting designers and writers/researchers to expand the research into a stage piece premiering in Geneva in March 2017. Since March, Beth and Greg have been discussing the project through email and phone correspondence, and will start studio production in Switzerland in September 2016. At Studio Maelor they would like to walk together in the winter landscape of Snowdonia and surrounds, create video documentation of the weather conditions, the rock formations and snowfall, fog and ice. They would check the view from the top of Cader Idris. They will make sketches in the studio for costuming and stage design and make some choreographic experiments.