Huib Fens – Netherlands

Huib Fen’s work includes art work as well as poetry. Huib’s poetry is mainly based on day to day experiences, with an emphasis on the landscape. An earlier residency in Kerry, Ireland, March 2015, led to a new poetry collection. It was published last July. So far Huib has published three solo collections. During his residency at Stiwdio Maelor, he wants to:

  • write poems on the Welsh landscape and daily experiences
  • concentrate on the selection and completion of a new collection of poetry
  • make drawings as I probably won’t be able to do without drawing

Huib primarily writes in Duthc. The following is a poem that was included in the Irish poetry collection ‘I live in Michael Hartnett’, LWC Limerick, 2013.


A village that is nothing

But a few farmhouses.

Not a soul outside.

Wind and rain are hunting

This hill-sheltered town land.


Roads like lashes

On a bare back.

Indented, fringed

By hedges, boosted

Like earth along a furrow.


Beyond a curve, finally,

His white remembered house

In altered light.

The view from there bumps

Abruptly against a hill.


Maybe he was looking,

Like I was, for what’s forever lost.

But there is no return

That is not blurred

Or erased by alcohol.

from: I Live in Michael Hartnett, Revival Press, Limerick 2013