Jess Raby – Wales

Jessica works across disciplines in video, photography, sound and installation. Collecting and experimenting with natural materials found in and around her immediate environment, she offers a contemporary approach to the still life genre. Her work addresses the subjects of flora and fauna and life and death in nature.

Jessica undertakes a minimalist approach to video making. Her working process involves collecting materials from her surroundings and bringing them into the studio to experiment with and film. The playful experiments often become triggers for her video works. The aesthetical process usually consists of setting up a white or black back drop and adding in a natural material or creature as the point of focus in an empty space. In recent projects she has collected natural materials such as seeds and feathers and have become interested in the moments that these fall through mid air and the moment that they reach the ground

Some of her other video projects concentrate on life and death in nature, with particular emphasis on creatures’ fights for survival but their arrival at death. On a group residency in Spain in 2014, Jessica developed a video project that is essentially a meditation upon dying moths. She captured the exhausting progression towards their fate in a hot Spanish spring heat. In her most recent work she filmed a struggling bee until its point of death. These works not only remind the viewer of the fragility of nature’s existence but of the fragility of our human existence alike. Isolating the materials or specimens, Jessica challenges the viewer to pay their full attention to these objects, magnifying these often overlooked aspects in nature.