Juliet Tilson – Australia



Juliets’ art expresses creative drives drawn from her emotional and physical realities. It has become a journey into the uncharted territory of abstraction, where reality is overtaken and activated by colour and movement, producingworks that reflect her intuition and psyche. In more sanguin times her broad brushes and layers of acrylic paint are replaced by charcoal and pencil producing line and tone made in response to the intriguing beauty of nature. Juliets’ art continues to evolve as she experiences and responds to the changing physical and temporal environment. Juliet has visited Wales a few times, and feels a particular sense of ease when there, perhaps this feeling is a connection to my Great-Grandmother from Wales. Juliet works simply in charcoal on paper to explore forms and impressions, along with abstract paintings that draw on intuitive and sub-conscious responses and provide inspiration for future abstract paintings and drawings.