Justin Time – Germany

Justin Time is a multi media artist, stonemason and filmmaker from Berlin, Germany. He was trained in Sculpture at the Art School Berlin Weissensee and in Urban Studies at the San Francisco Art Institute. He has been working as a professional artist and filmmaker for more than ten years, exhibiting internationally. His work is a mixture of spatial installation, photography, and video/film. Lately, Justin has used more documentary material in his films and installations.

Questions of identity, belonging, home and class are the central themes Justin deals with in his art – as in his latest experimental documentary film “Chasing Houses” on mobile homes and their very diverse inhabitants in the United States, in which he weaved imagery of landscape with portraits of people, trying to open up a space for each character to unfold their unique story. He used metaphorical, multi- layered images, like the one of a moving house, to symbolise a fragile state of being. In the layering of images, sounds, and statements, Justin offers a different reading of seemingly familiar contexts, opening a space for interpretation, thoughts and questions.

Visiting Mid and North Wales in 2015, Justin was fascinated with the complex history, landscape and the people living there. To a stonemason, a trade which he trained in early in his career, the slate towns of Northern Wales are like a mythical, at the same time very real, and aesthetically super- inspiring backdrop. He looks forward to working with this material, while in residence at Stiwdio Maelor.

As a filmmaker, the silent and exceptional people of Wales caught his interest. During his last visit, he enjoyed extended conversation about the history of mining in Great Britain and Wales, about the struggles, the past, present and the future. He would like to collect people ́s stories and capture them on video, as well as the amazing landscape and the fascinating architecture of old mines and mining towns.