Kate Cantrell – England

Kate is an award-winning Australian writer who lives in London. Her short stories have been published nationally and internationally in a variety of journals and newspapers, such as Wet Ink, The Lifted Brow, Voiceworks, Swamp, The Mascara Literary Review, Overland, and Stilts. Her poetry has been published in Islet, and her travel writing has appeared in The Sunday Mail, Bradt Travel Guides, and The Independent on Sunday. She has won several prestigious writing awards and prizes, including The Bradt/Independent on Sunday Travel Writing Prize, The John Marsden Prize for Young Australian Writers, and The Express Media Award for Non-Fiction. She has a PhD in Creative Writing and Literary Studies from Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

Whilst at Maelor, Kate will be completing her memoir, The Rain Answered, progressing the work from production to publication. Kate’s memoir is about family secrets and the endless orbit they repeat. For example, where does a family secret begin and end? What happens when a child is forced to choose between keeping the trust of one parent and breaking the trust of the other? What role do parents play in determining the kind of love that a child accepts as an adult? Set across five different countries, and spanning the past, present, and future, the memoir is comprised of six chapters, each of which is arranged by city (Brisbane, New York, Bangkok, Dublin, Sydney, and London). Kate’s wanderings, and the wonderings that emerge, are an attempt to piece together the fragments of an anxious childhood and to make sense of the overlap between sacrifice and love.