Linda Barlow – England

Linda Barlow has worked as a self employed artist since 1995, working mainly in textiles, but more recently returning to print and painting. She has exhibited in the UK and internationally. She recently had a solo exhibition of large textile pieces and a textile-based animation. This was the result of an intensive, year long project exploring how women feel about middle-age. Now Linda feels the need to have a period of reflection as she reassess what is the next direction for her work. Her textile work has become more “painterly” in recent years and she would like to explore paint in its own right. Whilst at Maelor Linda intends to explore the area and work on a series of drawings, (which may or may not translate into linocuts in the future) and devote some time to painting. Because there is never enough time at home to dedicate to exploration and just play – there are always deadlines for her textile work looming and it feels reckless exploring another medium, easier to stick to what you know and is safe. But therein lies dullness. By allowing herself time with no distractions, she feels she could really immerse herself in an exploration and move her work on. A sense of place is important. The opportunity to remove herself from the familiarity of her studio, and the routine of her working practice, will force her to look afresh at her surroundings and will translate into better, more interesting work.



Lind has been to Stiwdio Maelor twice already. Here are some of the works she created previously: