Liz Doyle – Ireland

Liz Doyle lives in a wild and rugged beautiful place, surrounded by pink granite rock and the choppy sea, soaked in the rain and westerly light and atmosphere of Donegal in the North West of Ireland.

Her paintings start from these aesthetics and develop with the overlay of texture and exaggerated colour. She usually uses a bright palette with lots of complimentary colours. The contrast of violet and yellow, blue and orange. Her medium is oil and cold wax which allows for the build up of many layers which she applies with a squeegee and roller and scrapes through with a palette knife. She also uses masking tape to create patterns and depth.

Her influences are mostly from the Abstract Expressionists and the Fauvists but also more recently the work of Sir Kyffin Williams in Wales, Richard Diebenkorn from USA and Antonio TĂ pies from Spain

While at Stiwdio Maelor Liz expects her palette to darken in response to the slate and the pine plantations which surround Corris. She is looking forward to building a small body of work from the atmosphere and the sharper angles of being enclosed within a village of stone terraces and slate field walls. She may also use the time to experiment with acrylics and impasto mediums.


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