Martha Orbach – England


Martha is an award-winning artist and image-maker who tells stories through drawing, printmaking and animation. Her latest project this skin we’re in won a fringe award at Deptford X 2014 – London’s Contemporary Arts Festival and the animation has set off travelling, including to Melbourne International Animation Festival and Animation Block Party, New York.

She is currently based in London. It’s busy and full of distractions. She is good at procrastinating, and finds it difficult to carve out time for the research and development phase which is needed to make and draw a lot when the outcome is completely uncertain.

Martha grew up in west Wales and used to visit Machynlleth. She finds the landscape awe inspiring and calming and hopes this will provide a feeling of spaciousness and improved focus. Her work will be interspersed with walking to enhance this.

The two projects that Martha anticipates working on during the residency are: one about plant poetics, which will be a collaboration with a poet and will result in a series of text and image depictions of moments from plant life. The other is the life story of a house which was a family home, then a barracks, a hospital, ruin and then a hunting and shooting museum.