Pamela Dodds – Canada

Pamela explores the complexities of the human relationship, creating from a feminist, queer sensibility that listens to, embraces and explores the inter-connectedness of humanity across time and space, and as a part of the Natural world. Women and women’s agency are central to my imagery and ideas expressed.

She travels to new places with three objectives: to engage with other artists and local people and learn different world views and those unique to that place; to engage with the natural landscape and geography; and to seek a comprehension of the confluence of the two.

The interactions and visual experiences of every residency experience expands her practice. Pamela records the landscape through drawings – in pencil, pastel or watercolour – that form a visual diary, a reference of images that fuel future work, usually in relief print media. Often she will find symbolic meaning in a particular element in the landscape. Or, the experience inspires a completely new direction in her work, such as in Catalonia in 2012, where she encountered the bark of the Platan (Plane) tree. She then became enamoured of the naturally-form fragments of the tree bark, which she inked and printed on the press to created several bodies of work referencing language, landscape, history and human relationships.

Knowing that there is proximity to a print studio and a welcoming LGBT community means to Pamela that she will have everything she will need at Stwdio Maelor for a fulfilling residency experience.

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