Sarah Jane Richards – England

Sarah Jane is a freelance artist who has been self employed for 10 years, making a living from the arts through commissions, teaching, workshops and projects.

Sarah Jane’s personal creative practise is based on observational research and exploration through which she portrays her experiences and memories. She likes to create her artwork in a series of multiples and generally create small and medium sized intimate paintings and drawings which evoke interior and exterior landscapes. Within these works she finds she is seeking new forms and images which aim to enimate from and are part of the content and process. She utilizes a varity of different painting, mark making and collage techniques to explore a synthesis of form and content. Sarah Jane strives to portray or express a juxtaposition of parallel elements including chaos and order, renewal and destruction, form and formlessness.

Sarah Jane’s encourages a constant reassessment of the arrangements of differing elements within her work and seeks to explore new relationships and context. She aims to enhance the disparity between different painterly forms and content to establish a new and precarious expression of time and space.

She works from what she sees and experiences around her, living and working in a city environment which is reflected in her work as she portrays the colours and forms of the urban landscape. She is seeking to widen her visual experience to explore aspects of nature to work alongside her interest in form and structure, investigating how these two elements can compliment or contrast each other.

Sarah Jane is currently looking at the artwork of David Schnell and Peter Doig as inspiration.

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