Tara Deetscreek – USA

Tara’s life as an artist started with a child’s desire to reproduce on paper exactly what she saw before her: the frame of her family’s home in the English hillside, her mother’s quilting, the shadow cast by an old church building. Then she grew up. And love, travel, and learning implored her not just to reproduce life, but to translate it into her own language. She hopes to hear strains of French whimsy and victorian charm in her art. She hopes they catch a glimpse of God’s creation and love as it speaks to her. And most importantly, she hopes this language speaks to them too. Artistry is really who Tara is and over the past years she has applied her creativity wherever possible.Tara is one who enjoys working in a variety of mediums and she is excited not only about the idea process but carrying the idea to completion. Because of Tara’s love for change, she is always looking for different ways to use traditional materials in non traditional ways. Her art is always evolving and Tara loves the journey. Her primary medium currently is a mixture of fluid acrylics and colored pencil on canvas. This mixed media technique allows the transparency and flow similar to watercolor combined with the detail and opacity that the paints and pencils bring.

Tara has always had a passion for capturing people on paper and canvas. Humans are the most interesting subjects in the world. Each of us come with a story that yearns to be told. Tara loves capturing a certain aspect about a person, whether it be a memory of the past, glimpse of the present, or dream of the future. Her goal as an artist is to tell as many stories as possible through visual means and her own interpretation.