Felicia Finlayson – Australia

                   “It is the stillness within the environment that allows me to observe”

Whilst the environment provides differences and contrasts, so too do we as humans.  Felicia investigates a way to link our acceptances of differences in the landscape to a need for further acceptance of difference within each other – an exploration of ‘nature’ to view ‘human nature’, to create a body of work that invites the viewer to slow down and look again to see the spaces, layers and shapes. 

Felicia physically immerse myself in nature to observe and sketch whilst looking for juxtapositions that occur in the environment, one system on another. The observations may be from the distance – the patterns formed in landscape as the eye moves from the horizon to the foreground, or close up – such as bark variations on one tree, fungi folding upon itself,  seeds providing a continuation of life, light filtering through leaves, or shapes created by overlapping grasses and branches.