Betsy Jones – Canada

Art flourishes wherever there is a sense of adventure. With printmaking an infinite number of possibilities could occur during the adventure. When Betsy starts a new monotype print, the end result is nothing more than a faint line on the horizon. The journey to completion is exciting with many surprises.

Betsy’s work centers on nature, it’s abundance and wildness in Canada is a constant source of inspiration. As a gardener, hiker and traveler she has had many opportunities to observe the natural world. Plants are amazing and a great excuse to put colour on paper or canvas. Somewhere between life pulsing new growth and inevitable wilting and decaying, there is a sweet spot to be captured.

The beauty of nature coincides with its death. Reality is that “all things must pass” and sadly many species may never pass by again. Betsy creates pieces that reflect the fragile aspects of the shrinking natural world in which we live.