Carly Seller – England

Carly is a visual artist working across a range of media to respond to the environment as experienced
through walking. Her work approaches landscape as a process, drawing together research on rhythms,
embodiment and duration. Using still and moving image forms, she studies natural energies and the
connection between the landscape, the body and the breath. Informed by Eastern philosophies and
Japanese aesthetics, the tension between control and interruption are an integral part of her working
methods. From a background in photography she developed a deep interest in optics and visual
perception, using the mechanical vision of the camera lens to extend visual perception and
challenge the way we look and place our attention. Her latest research interests developed from a
preoccupation with a 600 year-old coin found on a pilgrimage trail in Japan several years ago. The
physical structure of the coin represents the relationship between heaven and earth. This has
connected to other threads in her work, including pilgrimage, rituals and offerings, value of
materials, intangible spaces, and concepts involving relations between the terms heaven, earth and
human. Carly will use the residency period to explore a new landscape, using the land as both
subject and material of the work. She hope to use the time at Maelor to further develop work in
progress using textiles alongside photography and drawing.