Carrington Morris – USA

Carrington Morris is a writer living in Brooklyn. She is managing editor and copy editor of Edible Magazine NY.

Writer’s statement

For this project I’m interested to write an “As above so below” story. Somewhat in the vein of cosmic horror, I’m interested to subtly explore cosmic influences, parallels or elements via the characters as the story unfolds, but have the story itself be not grand but pedestrian. In the vein of American writers like Faulkner and Cormac McCarthy and weird fiction writers like H.P. Lovecraft and Algernon Blackwood, I like to have atmosphere inform the story as much as plot development and the characters. I also like to touch on the uncanny, the prick of one’s senses that things may not be quite what they seem. For the overarching story structure, I’d like to try to incorporate the idea of power structures, from the cosmic to the very small. Plato’s Timaeus details a creation story of the cosmos. It’s handed down from the all/one/nothing to descending creative forces, each creating the force beneath it and imbuing it with the power of creation, from the demiurge and eventually to humans; as one of these creatures, I would in turn like to consider this story a descendant of this creation story: creating a universe of characters and the forces that play on them as they fall into each other’s orbits.