Christina Kemp and Kristina Ellura – USA

Christina Kemp is a practicing photographer, recently graduated with an M.F.A. in Craft from Oregon College of Art and Craft. The last two years of study allowed Christina to form a great appreciation of diverse mediums, including ceramics, painting, fibers, and mixed media.

Christina plans to continue her thesis body of work about home, taking both time to expand on the pschological and physical sense of place. Her thesis work talked about the reconfiguration of the home through the camera lense using composition, light, and imaginative constructions of lived in homes. Each panorama represented a different way of thinking about what space and place meant to the homeowners, and her impression of their space. She is looking forward to expanding the series to include all different types of homes, eventually exhibiting a show, diverse in place and the way we think of others. other inspiration in the photographs comes from a background in geography, photography, and a subset of geography called, senusous geography.

Christina is keenly interested in how place defines us in terms of the ‘spirituality’ of outdoor landscape, and the homes we build to fit into those places.

Kristina Ellura is an installation artist using many mediums including video, wood, metal, and fabric. Additionally, Kristina is using new techniques such as laser cutting and 3D printing. She combines many of these techniques and elements into one immersive experience which intends to surround or captivate people. She uses her art practice to create a physical experience as a means to reflect the transcendental. Universal symbols fire, water, geometric figures, circles, breathing, walking, and learning about diverse cultures access the spiritual by connecting us in our daily lives. Wars are fought over different beliefs, two sides believing they are diametrically opposed, yet they share symbolism and basic precepts. Words being the principle means of communicating, may mean similar things;
but often fail in the attempt to communicate. The real and abstract ideas of universal symbols allow the artist and audience to see beyond one meaning.

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