Damasque Wells – Australia

Damasque Wells works across a variety of disciplines including jewellery making, drawing, printmaking and puppetry. Studying Jewellery and Object Design has allowed her to develop a keen interest in etching and imagery particularly from ancient civilisations. She has a love of decorative designs not just in metalwork but in ceramics, textiles, drawing and printmaking. Damasque loves drawing because it allows her to escape, meditate and create without technical boundaries. It brings freedom and is the basis of how she creates. Drawing has also opened doorways to creative writing including poetry and storytelling.

In late 2017 she was involved in a collaborative exhibition at the National Wine Centre of Australia where creative art direction from both Damasque and a co-collaborator created images that represented the seven chakras and delved very deeply into the meaning of the chakra system. She has also been involved in Arts and Community Development not just as an artist but also working for government and local government as an Arts Officer. She has run clay workshops with not for profit and community groups and has found the area of community cultural development to be extremely rewarding . She worked for four years as an Activity Officer at Inverbrackie Detention Centre where she gained experience on many levels working with different cultures.