Dave Keats – England

Ever since being a student in the 70’s, I have been fascinated by the unreality of meaning as I believe personal reality is open to interpretation, and have maintained that belief throughout my life. I briefly deviated and was distracted from my abstract journey through art but thankfully, followed an alternative perspective on my creative path.

I have taken inspiration from the effects man and nature have on our mutable urban and bucolic landscape. As an insignificant bystander I need to not only express what I see, but what I feel, while I witness our ever evolving surroundings. 

My early influences such as Joan Eardly and more of late Lisa Noonis, Luisa Holden and Nicki Heenan, have revitalised my passion towards abstract painting. 

I find oil paints are my preferred medium along with some tools taken from nature. Together they give me the connection between what I see and what I feel. 

The art I produce is a personal representation which hopefully evokes emotion and provokes thought.