Donna Glee Williams – US

Donna Glee Williams is a writer of fantasies for the teenager in all of us, as well as being a seminar leader, dream worker, and creative coach. A sort of Swiss Army knife of the page, Donna Glee has seen her work published in anthologies, newsstand glossies, literary magazines, academic journals, reference books, big-city dailies, online venues, and spoken-word podcasts, as well as on stage and CD recordings. These days, her focus is on speculative fiction, aka fantasy and science fiction and she has had several novels published. Her mother was born in a rural region of Eastern Kentucky, where the coal-mining economy evaporated out from under everyones feet, leaving people with nothing at all to stand on. She feels that visiting Corris, a place that shares some of that cultural experience and yet is new, will give her a fertile fishery for new poems.

Although Donna has written and (rather randomly) published poetry all her life, she has never brought out a full-length poetry book. While at Stiwdio Maelor, She intends to excavate her body of work, select the poems that belong together, edit them, experiment with sequencing them in a way in which the individual poems best speak to each other, and pull together a draft of a manuscript that is ready to be sent out to poetry presses.