Emma Jayne Holmes – Wales

Emma is currently studying an M.A. Fine Art at Aberystwyth University and the commitment to that has taken her away from home in order to refresh her skills. In the past residencies have proved very fruitful, creative times for her, with time to go out and develop a relationship and familiarity with a landscape.

The M.A. has bought her to consider the way she works and to contextualise this. She would like to experiment with a period of time working with digital drawing and an augmented sketchbook, which provides not only a digital version but a physical version too. She is researching into how the augmented sketchbook facility can assist in the plate making of printmaking processes. 

She intends to use the 2 weeks of uninterrupted time at Maelor to go out sketching and develop a fresh body of sketches with a view to making a series of prints.

Using drawing as a focus she would like to invite others to participate in drawing and host an evening drawing walk, or a short walk around the village over the weekend of Helfa Gelf. She will visit local groups during the residency period to host a drawing session, with a series of drawing games and activities for visitors to participate in.