Performances, films and Exhibition – 27 February

Performances by Vidmante Cerniauskaite and Wanda Zyborska


An ExperimentVidmante Cerniauskaite

DSC01663What didn’t he do  so that he would be  what he already was  without trying to be  what he already was
What didn’t he try   he sang in a choir  bought several ties  shoe polish  a full length mirror  joined the Wildlife Society
All in vain  he thought  after all,  it’s impossible  to become what you already are  when you try to be  what you already are  then you are not already  what you already are
What didn’t he try  that he might become  what he already was  so he would already be  what he already wasn’t
And he thought,  Lord, what if  someone saw me? How embarrassing  he thought  while it’s not too late  I must run
And he broke into a run  knowing that he wasn’t running  by himself in the way   he would run for himself  in the way he would run  without trying to run  as if he were running without trying  as one really runs
However much he tried  not to try  it was still trying  to try  not to try
How ridiculous  he thought  how ridiculous  this whole thing is  it would seem that someone  is trying to mislead me so I’d become even more confused
But it’s impossible  to run so that you don’t run  and still you must run  so that it doesn’t look   as if running  you’re trying  not to run   because it just may be  that a higher force is watching
If  you were to stop  he thought,  then again  you wouldn’t be stopping  by yourself  wanting to be what  you already are not running  and therefore you must run to run away somehow  from this silly running
And he runs  with the feathers from his pillow  clinging to him  with eyes that don’t see he runs to be first  and is chased  by the bodiless forces  of several worlds

 Repeat Transgressions – Wanda Zyborska, Music by Ann Matthews

DSC01644As a child Wanda used to look at her mother’s medical books when she was at work (against her wishes): the before and after pictures, especially of skin diseases.  Later Wanda became interested in the different aesthetics used to represent women in different contexts.  For example, even in contemporary women’s magazines, in adverts for hair removal or fat reduction the old medical aesthetic comes back; for the ‘before’ pictures anyway.  The women in the ‘before’ pictures always look slightly abject, their posture is slumped or careless, the lighting unflattering.  It is a bit like the mug shots taken of criminals.  In the past women who have wanted to make representations of aging or surgery, Jo Spence for example, have used this aesthetic in a challenging way.  More recently artists have used glamour shots similar to those in the film, fashion or sex industries.  In Repeat Transgressions Wanda attempts to find something else, something more surreal, and more universal, while relating it to her own very personal experiences of surgery, and her interest in performative becoming. In her work Wanda shows that which is usually concealed, to make public the private struggles between ego and unconscious, the delight of the new and the fear of the unknown.


Vidmante Cerniauskaite, Robert Moon and Lola O’Reilly. Vidmante, Robert and Andrew were artists in residence during the month of February. Lola was artist in residence in January and Wanda artist in residence August 2014

DSC01615 Robert Moon displayed sculptural works completed in 2014 made from canvas and hessian and new work completed during his residency. His residency aim was to respond to the mountain landscape and the topography of slate quarrying within it.

lolaLola O’Reilly exhibited copper plate drypoints printed on paper, hand-dyed with plants from around Corris and paintings on slate, as well as larger studies on paper of the local landscape – drawn from initial sketches done in situ, memory and feeling.



Failing to Matter – Wanda Zyborska, Veronica Calarco and Robert Zyborski

Where’s Ruth – Ben Partridge
7 - Where's Ruth? - Ben Partridge shown in the ICA London in 2012, Where’s Ruth  was produced for Straight 8, a film competition that requires Artists/filmakers to shoot of film on a single roll of super 8 film stock, with no post production or editing. The films are submitted undeveloped and seen for the first time by their makers and general public at the screening. A combination of live action and stop motion and shot in Aberystwyth University’s iconic School of Art, the film explores the consequences of pushing art student’s, and their equipment, past breaking point.

Stone Bone Boogie Printanimation 2010 – Gini Wade

Wade Gini animation still 4.Life and Death are indivisible. Atoms dance even in stone and bone. Dance is the essence of life and the human skeleton symbolizes Death. Stone Bone Boogie investigates the possibilities of extending still images drawn on a lithographic stone into the realm of movement, in other words, bringing them to life. Gini’s starting point was to watch many hours of dance videos on Youtube. She made drawings of Fred Astaire in action, that were the basis for two large lithographs showing a skeleton and a silhouette in 60 different dance positions. These were scanned into a computer. Gini’s next task was to find a suitable soundtrack. “Soul Power” by Kokolo, a New York band, was perfect as it references skeletons. The length of the animation was decided by the track- just over three minutes. Next a storyboard was made, planning each frame – using six frames a second.