Ffranses Ingram – England

Lulu and Penelope have been attanding a Medieval Banquet at Crafanc Castell listening to the Mabinogian myth of Rhiannon who had her first born stolen by the claw.

Whenever I left the house my mother would always instruct me to bring back the Hanes (Welsh for story, gossip, tale etc). In my Welsh speaking family, stories were lifeblood. This has been the foundation on which I have built my career both as a story teller and visual artist/illustrator.

Within every story I look for the image that defines it. As well as trying to resent the story, one has to tell another story, offer something beyond the actual text. I have discovered that one cannot control the story, but work with it and let it speak, have its own voice. To do this one needs space and silence to listen.