Flora MacLachlan – Wales

Flora began with an Art Foundation course at Brighton College of Technology (1993), then studied English at Oxford (’94-’97). She joined Oxford Printmakers’ Co-operative, a wonderful open-access workshop, in 2000 and found that printmaking was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.  She has now established a print workshop of her own in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, on the edge of a wild moor, surrounded by lichened trees. She is also a director of Aberystwyth Printmakers. She was elected to membership of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers in 2008, and became a Fellow in 2013. She is doing an MA in Fine Art at Aberyswyth School of Art.

When Flora makes etchings, she bites the plate deeply then use sandpaper to attack and sculpt the plate surface until the atmosphere is right.  Once she has created the terrain, she adds shadows and weathers using spit bite aquatint, painting the acid on like watercolour.

In contrast, when working with lithography Flora watches the flow of the washes on the stone and follow the idea onwards as she draws, adding pen and ink drawing and scraping away areas to slowly build the image out of the marks that happen. These contrasting approaches expresses her lyrical response to landscape.

In her work Flora is trying to evoke an ancient and numinous landscape. Certain places can awake the memory of our shared inheritance of folk and fairy tale, the sense of wonder and mystery that lies deep in all of us.She is inspired by the quests of medieval romance poetry, adventuring through the nurturing and destructive aspects of the landscape, its nests and chasms, its sanctuaries entwined with sharp thorns. She is feeling for a lost magic; a glimpse through trees of the white hart.