Georgia Green – England

Since graduating with a BA in Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking from Glasgow School of Art in 2018 I have been working as a visual artist, printmaker and muralist. My current practice is focused on low-carbon fine art and correspondingly I run a small printmaking business which is committed to championing sustainable duplication processes such as risography. While I focus on contemporary mechanisms of reproduction within my commercial practice, my knowledge of traditional printmaking strongly informs my mark-making processes. My specialised degree has given me a breadth of experience in etching, screen-printing and lithography which I continue to use when I have the opportunity to access printmaking facilities. I am also fond of intuitive and organic forms of printmaking. I often use monotypes as a way to generate a rapid and expressive creative dialogue alongside my drawings and prints. In my work dreamscapes collide with landscapes and interiors soften into delicate wildernesses. Each anthropomorphic form dissolves into something I find delightfully primitive and hopeful. Within these spaces memory exists as colour alone, illuminated by the chimerical tangle of curiosity and longing that prompts each print. My work is site-specific, and I often print and draw directly from the spaces I inhabit.

I am currently based in Norfolk, and I take inspiration from the beautiful and haunting Norfolk Broads. I often travel substantial distances to access printmaking facilities and I was fortunate to attain a residency grant allowing me to work abroad in Spain and Portugal for several months at the end of 2021. The opportunity to work with Maelor would benefit my practice immensely as I currently have very limited access to printmaking facilities where I live in Norfolk. I work best when given the time and freedom to intuitively create work in rapid succession. The only print studio with etching facilities in my area has extremely limited open-access capability, and there is a minimum one year waiting list for spaces at the local artist studios. I want the chance to stay for an extended duration close to an accessible studio space, with the opportunity to use a relief press as and when it is available to hire. During my one month residency with Maelor I would create and collate a series of colourful etchings lifted directly from the drawings and monotypes I have been developing throughout 2021 and intend to refine in 2022. The results would – I hope – generate a visual chronicle of the ordinary moments of human life, folded into primordial observations of the natural world. Although lately I have been producing sustainable risograph editions, I feel that the organic nature of etchings would offer a more appropriate natural progression for this particular series of work.

These monotypes and drawings are a response to Almería’s uniquely pigmented soils. Dust is rolled into the very fabric of each print, pricking the surface of the paper with points of light where the ink cannot reach. The pigment absorbs instead into the soft ridges of torn paper, building glossy lines which traverse each page. I would love to expand on this exploration of texture using a relief press, and approach the richly mined soils of Corris in a similarly inquisitive way. This project and the subject matter of each print will inevitably and organically respond to the studio I inhabit, the people I meet and the seasonal light I experience during my time at Maelor.