Giovanni Agnoloni

Giovanni Agnoloni (Florence, 1976), is a writer, literary translator and blogger. He is the author of a travel memoir, Berretti Erasmus. Peregrinazioni di un ex studente nel Nord Europa (Fusta Editore, 2020) and of the psychological novel Viale dei silenzi (Arkadia, 2019), in addition to a tetralogy of dystopian novels on the theme of the collapse of internet and the society of control, partly published in Spanish and Polish, and then collected in a single volume by Galaad Edizioni (with the title Internet. Cronache della fine, 2021). In April 2022, Arkadia published Da luoghi lontani, a collection of short stories written by him, Carlo Cuppini and Sandra Salvato. He is the author, editor and translator of several books on J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, as well as the
translator of essays on William Shakespeare and Roberto Bolaño. He also translated books by Pope Francis, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Arsène Wenger, Amir Valle and Peter Straub. He took part in numerous writing residencies and festivals across Europe and the USA. He professionally translates from and into English, as well as from Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish and Swedish. At the University of Gdansk, in Poland, there is an ongoing doctorate thesis (by Karolina Kopańska) on his books and the key role of the urban and natural dimensions in the contemporary human condition. Moreover, an article by Prof Dorota Karwacka-Pastor (Director of Postgraduate Italian Studies at the University of Gdansk), entitled Świat bez Internetu. Lęk i niepokój w twórczości Giovanniego Agnoloniego (“The world without Internet. Fear and anxiety in Giovanni Agnoloni’s works”), was included in the Proceedings of a congress held in 2020 at the University of Gdansk, (NIE)POKÓJ w tekstach kultury XIX-XIX wieku (“Peace and disquiet in the cultural texts from the 19th to the 21st century”) (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego, Gdańsk 2021). His website is

Giovanni is currently completing two novels set between Sweden and Italy. One is a post-dystopian novel (it is the sequel of another – properly dystopian –, being now evaluated by his publisher) on the rebirth of European society after the collapse of a continental dictatorship based on the technological hyper-control of people’s lives. The other is a thriller (also, the sequel of a novel currently under evaluation) set in Tuscany, whose protagonist is a woman who had no idea she might ever become an investigator, and finds herself involved in a cobweb of murders and stalkers’ paranoias. While at Stwidio Maelor, Giovanni carried on with these projects, with a different daily inspiration – the more “serious” theme of the former being somehow compensated by the “lighter” style of the latter novel. However, he also recently started writing a third novel, the story of a writer’s journey around Italy (and beyond) in search of something belonging to his past. The atmosphere of Corris and Snowdonia Park hugely inspired Giovanni in this regard, since he believed their silent and meditative atmosphere would resonate with the thread of a narration in which the exploration of the outer world is constantly “tuned in” to the peaks and valleys of the protagonist’s inner life.