Jackie Smith – England

Jackie is an artist living and working in London. After a career working in urban and
housing research her connections to, and investigations of places, have become a
focus for her art making.  Sometimes using found objects or co-creating with the
environment, she makes mixed media installations, site specific work as well as
working in paint and printmaking.

Jackie is interested in the roles of human, time and nature in shaping and ‘using’ the
land – for example, through coastal erosion or the building of concrete and wood sea
defences. There is a sense of ritual and performance in the work – evident in the
scale of the paintings and in the film and sound pieces that place work directly in the
environment that inspired them. Recording and documenting the interactions
therefore become an important part of this process.
Jackie has exhibited in shows around London and has work held in private collections
in both the UK and internationally. She is currently a part time tutor at the Art
Academy in London.