Jan Wilson

Jan Wilson was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was destined to be a writer
since the third grade after writing her first book, ‘Bert the Monkey’. Her childhood teacher was impressed that at such a young age this girl was naturally writing in a three-act structure; giving the story a beginning, middle and an end.

Later in 7th grade, Jan Wilson came across TV teleplays – she said “it never
occurred to me before that someone had to write the words my favourite characters said each week” and with this revelation she moved away from writing novels and took to screenwriting.

After graduation Jan went to London’s Blackheath School of Arts where she majored in 3D design/jewellery design. While in England Jan continued to satisfy her love for writing by walking in the footsteps of Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf; enjoying the countryside and visiting many a spiritualist church in search for cultural enrichment and inspiration.

Eventually, Wilson returned to America to study for her BA in psychology, with a heavy concentration in parapsychology (ESP, ghosts and paranormal phenomena), during which she worked along side some well-respected parapsycologists. After this venture in the paranormal, she went to teach English in Moscow, and her time there inspired her to write the feature called 900 Days; a feature commenting on the siege of Leningrad. Her script reached the semifinals in the Nicholls Fellowship (top 3%), Hollywood insiders informed her that she most certainly had the talent to take her hobby of screenwriting and turn in into a full-time career. Wilson was lucky enough to have Matthew Weiner (creator, EP, and writer of Mad Men) as a mentor throughout the WGA program, a relationship that remains to this day. Weiner’s letter of recommendation to the program gave her the confidence she needed in her writing abilities to pursue it full-time, thus she relocated to LA to begin her career.

This image shows how Jan Wilson has altered an entire deck on playing cards using the mediums: Stabilo, paints, stencils, stamps and pages from a vintage copy of Great Expectations.