Janell O’Rourke and Vincent Evans, USA

Our stop motion videos are collaborative and experimental. We work with collected and produced audio sound, linear drawing, manipulated video footage and collage. Past projects include Moving Among the Shadows, the cockerel, and Flight. Our current working project reflects upon the recent and past history of Barren Island and Dead Horse Bay in New York City.

Janell O’Rourke:

Janell works through a visual language of drawing, object making, contemporary silhouettes and stop motion vignettes.  Fluttering in the work are energies human and non-human, feminine and masculine. Her studio practice is deeply shaped through drawing, often using intentionally low tech materials and techniques. Janell considers her artistic practice to be multidisciplinary, so she is often preoccupied with a number of interrelated ideas and issues, including the human/animal binary, consumerism, vulnerability, otherness, feminism, the ephemeral, urban wild and domestic animals. Janell searches for ways to make art that questions human constructs about other animals and she is interested in animal advocacy as an artistic expression. Her most resent work has been driven by our human treatment of other animals.

Vincent Evans:

Vincent blends vocals, guitars, keyboard/synth and percussion with field recordings to create a three dimensional sound. Subject matter is chosen for its forgotten or ignored qualities collected from various sources. His work reflects the emotional and physical distance between objects. Vincent sources poignant subject matter and transport himself to that moment/arena. He then develop the piece gradually, and compose a body of work. Each track is based on an actual happening and re-interpreted musically.