Joanne Headington – Wales


Moving 26 times in her life has had an impact on the recording and documenting of Joanne’s artistic journey.  She has had to let go of a lot of work that she has not properly photographed but that are imprinted on her memory because they signified a change of direction or thinking in her work.  And adversely, Joanne has held onto work that she probably should have let go of by now, but which refuses to be lost.

After several years’ hiatus, Joanne found her way back to painting through the study of poetry. The similarities between poetry and painting are well documented and for her, the process of writing poetry, particularly the Haiku, helped Joanne think more abstractly about form, imagery and meaning in art.

Her first abstract marks in 2009 were lines drawn freehand on luxurious, handmade paper.  They were attempts to examine the limitations of the line and observe the medium deteriorate with use, whether it was ink on a brush, a charcoal stick or a graphite pencil worn down to the stub…  She continues to explore the gestural mark in my work. The tools of writing, drawing and painting are used throughout my work to respond to that which is around her.

The work has a peripheral and abstracted reference to landscape and interior spaces, but the process is improvisational and intuitive. She is more prolific during the lighter and warmer months, becoming more reflective during the shorter, darker months where she reads more and fills her sketchbooks and notebooks with ideas about the development of her work.  Joanne also enjoys the unpredictable and immediate process of producing smaller scale, monochromatic prints, which helps her to retain that sense of immediacy and surprise when working on the larger paintings.