Josh Berson

Josh person is an anthropologist and a philosopher, his work explores the long arc of human niche construction with a view to imagining its future. He has studied Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard university, before going on to complete postgraduate research in computing and then finally in 2009, Berson completed his PhD in History and Sociology of Science/Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Berson’s Books:

2023 – Autologous (novel). Vancouver: The Elephants, to appear

2021 – The Human Scaffold: How Not to Design Your Way out of a Climate Crisis
Berkeley: University of California Press.

2019 – The Meat Question: Animals, Humans, and the Deep History of Food
Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.
Mandarin (simplified-character) edition in preparation

2015 – Computable Bodies: Instrumented Life and the Human Somatic Niche
London: Bloomsbury.
This book gained the 2016 – PROSE Award (Association of American Publishers), Language and Linguistics