Judith Symons – England

For the last ten years Judith’s work has taken the following course – first draw, then print. She considers observational drawings as her essential interest. She draws people, landscapes, dancers, children, people in cafes, on the bus…

She uses pastel for drawing, and colour is central to her artwork. She draws from the ‘natural’ world, not for ideological reasons, but because it has not yet been fully altered by us and is unpredictable – it moves.

She creates silkscreens from the drawings, but has taken to lino for the past couple of years. She enjoys the process of transformation in printmaking, but also has a desire for the unknowns of drawing. Her residency at Stiwdio Maelor reflects this need to be in a totally unfamiliar landscape, alone, and uninhibited by gates or the curiosity or needs of others. This will be in total contrast to her London life living in a Victorian tenement!