Judith Williams – UK


‘ To see a world in a grain of sand

  And a heaven in a wild flower

  Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

  And eternity in an hour.’                                William Blake

Judith is drawn to the organic shapes, textures and colours that she finds within the natural environment. And the transformative property of light which can create illusion and spark the imagination. Among the artists that have inspired her are Georgia O’Keeffe, Dorothea Tanning, Peter Doig and Tacit Dean.

She will take photographs, close ups of plants, rocks, trees etc. and use them as references to make 3D constructions e.g. caves, forests and landscapes, using a variety of materials including plaster, wire, cardboard and paint, using light to create an illusion of reality and then she presents the work photographically, sometimes with the addition of a figure for scale and drama.

The work is an ongoing exploration of the uncertain nature of truth and it raises the question, “How do we find meaning in life when reality and truth are submerged in a shifting tide of beliefs and perceptions?”