Kanti, Lee Beriwck/Veronica Calarco, Sound installations in Corris – 21st October 2017

Lee Berwick / Veronica Calarco
Words, Sounds and a Myth
Saturday 21st October 2pm-5pm

In 2017, with the support of an a-n bursay, Lee Berwick completed residencies at Stiwdio Maelor during which time Veronica and Lee developed two sound projects. On a Saturday afternoon, 21st October Lee will be hosting his installation in an adit and afterwards Veronica (with Lee) will host her installation at Stiwdio Maelor with discussions by Lee and Veronica about the project and the work.

Lee Berwick
Tunnel Tuning: The adits addiction
From 2pm-5pm
In a disused quarry just above Corris Uchaf are some disused mining bore holes or adits. Cut into the living rock the circular shafts have been cut horizontally into the cliff face.
Lee visited the adits several times during 2017 investigating and exploring the unique sonic properties of this strange space.
His installation on the afternoon of Saturday the 21st of October will take place in the adits themselves and will consist entirely of sounds that Lee has recorded during his visits there.
Please note :- The adits are accessed along a footpath, up a steep slope of scree and mining debris and then a scramble up a low rockface.
Due to these access issues the installation is NOT suitable for children, the elderly, or disabled people and no responsibility can be taken by the organisers for the safety or well being of anyone attending. *PLEASE NOTE: booking essential

Veronica Calarco
Parteong: telling a story
From 5pm
Kanti means ‘my words’ and Parteong means ‘baskets’ in Kurnai, an endangered Aboriginal language. Over the past few years, Veronica has making a series of baskets from her prints and from prints and yarn donated to her by other artists. The baskets tell a story of their history, from the moment of their first creation as a print (or artwork) through their journey to their current re-creation and their final resting place.
There will be an installation in Veronica’s studio at Maelor of the baskets with words and myths that were recorded with Lee at Maelor and in the adit.

Lee and Veronica will host a conversation about the work with drinks and snacks.

*Bookings are necessary for the visit to the adit – please email stiwdiomaelor@gmail.com for details, times and directions.
Suggested donation of £4.