Leena Riethmuller – Australia

Leena is developing an artist-led, alternative pedagogy which consists of sculpture, installations and workshops designed for participants to study their physical agency in institutional space. She positions her practice within alternative pedagogy, a field that critiques institutional forms of study and the social and political frameworks that maintain them.

Leena’s thesis argues that by studying the way we physically participate in institutions, we can become aware of implicit methods of control. Her central discussion is that artworks can be created to study experiences of institutional control, and devise methods of resistance to that control. She focuses her study of institutions on Australian tertiary level art schools and art spaces, critiquing the role of neoliberalism in professionalising art industries and artists, thus controlling artists and the consumption of art within a neoliberal ideology.

At Stiwdio Maelor, Leena aims to focus on the written aspects of her research.