Martina Manalo – Philippines

Martina Manalo as Maya [Reverb] from Sofia Costales on Vimeo.

Martina Manalo is a performing artist and dance teacher currently based in Hong Kong, and originally from the Philippines.

Coming from a family of artists, she is the youngest of three siblings. Manalo  began dancing at the age of three, and continued on until the age of twenty-five dancing  as a company artist and faculty in one of the most prolific ballet companies in the Philippines.

She started teaching at the age of fifteen and was a working student at the time. Alongside her teaching, Manalo was also dancing for a local dance company and a journalist student at the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines. In 2015 she flew to Hong Kong to work in the happiest place on Earth—Disneyland. She then discovered and explored the world of photography and since then has been invited to different universities in the Philippines to talk about fine art, and photography. She is also the writer and editor of an online dance magazine and co-founder and marketer of an international independent art magazine called, Magazine 43.