Maryanne Hawes – England

img_1167Maryanne has always marveled that the landscape within her mind could be so colourful, changeable and abstract.

She is fascinated by the influence of what we can’t see – how unseen energies of people and places affects how we perceive the world, and relate to a complex and changing emotional topography. She is currently exploring how our ‘interior landscapes’ are shaped by our response to the ‘real’ terrain in which we live.

These are not landscapes you’d find on a map but abstract depictions of the landscapes of our minds, moulded by our thoughts, values, beliefs and experiences, whilst also reflecting, in an indirect way, the topography of the seen environment.

Maryanne finds solace in the metaphors of geography– the making of mountains, the journey of rivers, the organic growth of a city; layers of sediment, deposition, erosion, scraping away and laying down. She seeks a conscious relationship with her own Self through painting. Viewing her pieces often feels like a homecoming – yet to a place she may never have been before.

An outgoing introvert, a seeker of quiet spaces in a busy world and a self taught painter, Maryanne is an ambassador for positivity, compassion and empathy in the art world and beyond. With successful careers in Garden Design and Portrait Photography behind her, she now paints full time and lives and works between Wales and the Wye Valley, Devon and her family’s homeland, Cornwall.



Take a look at the studio space Maryanne worked in whilst at Maelor: