Miriam Miller – Australia

Proggy & hooky rugmaking has deep roots in north-east England where Miriam Miller was born. Miriam’s father, in 1976, helped her reconnect with age-old crafting skills at which her grandmother excelled.

Along with friend, Jacqueline Thomson, Miriam launched Narrawilly Proggy Ruggers in 1994, the first group of its kind in Australia.

Today, rugmaking groups are active across Australia. Miriam has been a catalyst for their proliferation & success. In 2008, the Australian Guild of Rugmakers was established, & she was appointed as Guild President.

Teaching, networking, mentoring, exhibiting & advising rugmakers, locally and internationally, continues to inspire Miriam. Her work is exhibited widely, & her skills celebrated in her book, Proggy & Hooky Rugs.

The use of scrap material and fibres also serves to highlight the waste of our throw away society and in its own small way helps to reduce our impact on the natural world around us.