Norah Brennan – Ireland

As part of Maelor’s support for artists after their residency is completed, if they leave work behind and it sells, we invite them back (fee free) so that they have the opportunity to create more work. Norah Brennan completed her first residency in 2015. She left us with three works and, because one of these have since sold, she will be completing another residency in 2017. (Visit the gallery page to see the other two works and work done by other artists.)

Norah Brennan’s work comprises, for the main part, screen printed images but also includes relief printed collages and monoprinting techniques. These images have evolved from memories of emotion and feelings of time, place and events. Some are half forgotten/ remembered. They are seen through the fog of time and heavily influenced by the present.

This work allowed her to emotionally engage with the defining moments of her early life. At the same time it has facilitated creative expression and engagement with the world around her. Abstraction allows her to work instinctively, while constraints of the printmaking processes enforce regular introspection and mental redrafting.

Constant engagement with ones emotions through processes which are at times taxing can be exhausting both physically and mentally, but ultimately her engagement with printmaking is essentially an uplifting experience bringing both intellectual and aesthetic gratification.