Rubén Darío Montoya and María Catalina Sánchez Palacios – Argentina

In order to present the interdisciplinary project of residence it is necessary to identify the two
main elements that constitute it. In the first place, it is the music of Sinruido. This manifestation
responds to the need to unseat the violin of genres in which, although it has a vital role, it is
always part of a whole. Thus, through exclusively sound processes (loops, modulators, analogue
and digital delays, etc.) that have their own musicality, they seek to establish a physical and
mental experience through simultaneous sounds. The instrument is executed from the first
moment to the end: not only when the strings are rubbed by the bow, but also when it is
converted into a percussive set or when it is set aside so that the sound waves already emitted are
subjected to the alterations, in real time, of the sound processors.
The second element is dance, the composition from the movement born in improvisation and
intertwined in sounds. The coexistence of two movements interpreting each other, happening in
the same place and at the same time, establishing the same parameters. In this way, the artistic /
cultural poles involved in the work are achieved, which, while maintaining their classic principles,
defy the conservative aspect of style. As a result, the artistic sample is condensed into an
audiovisual and / or performance piece with classic roots, where both disciplines share the starting
point but, in turn, are intervened through the new technologies and interpretations offered by
culture current. That is, a proposal that tries to show evolution within its purest genres.
The first project that we developed together was born in a proposal of Rubén specifically for
Sinruido. Part of its interdisciplinary aspect was New Year New, where the dance was involved for
what Catalina was invited to participate.
From the tour of Ecuador were born sketches of danced interpretations of other works of Sinruido.
No longer as a continuity, but as a new proposal, in which the work will be born jointly in both
movement and musicality, from improvisation and composition. Looking for new horizons in the
scenic plane and the development of the work we will propose our most current theme: the
artist’s livelihood. Paradoxically, we are unable to develop this project at home, so we think of the
possibility of a residence that allows us to have the space and time necessary to reflect our
practice, from our expression to be able to transmit and understand it in other landscapes.
The magic of everyday life permeates us in this exploration, and we want to let it pass us physically
and emotionally. How else can we become involved as artists and as humans?