Ruth Cousins – Wales

Ruth’s work is concerned with the Welsh landscape and explores place linked to identity, which she feels is very much informed by her own life experiences and sense of self in my surroundings. Ruth says that being welsh and living in such a landscape, absorbing the history and learning from it is a large part of her work. She feels deeply connected to her home here between the sea and the mountains, and feels compelled to share my emotions and connection to it which I express through my artwork. Ruth connects with the landscape and its cultural history and often collects objects from a place, particularly natural forms which are often the starting point for her work.

She currently is searching for a harmony with technology and the modern world to explore how it can enhance and feed her narrative towards an assembly of work as a compelling reflection of place influenced by her own identity. She use a variety of media to express these thoughts, from painting to Printmaking and sculpture, and have started exploring laser cutters for print work and larger scale sculptural work.