Samuel Brzeski – Norway

Samuel Brzeski‘s practice explores what it means to be present in a time of crisis. This crisis being one of paralysis, (self) enforced apathy and helplessness when faced with the late capitalist contemporary human condition. Accepting Franco Berardi’s declaration that there is no future, that all that awaits us is a bland homogeneity and an endless continuation of ever worsening conditions, Samuel is attempting to find the poetical personal political practical approach as a way to try and understand the problem. Through the sharing of personal experiences and presenting perspectives on sites, situations and stories, Samuel is seeking to create experiential decoders for the current chaos, and to create a space for empathy, solidarity and understanding. How can we deal with the present when faced with a world with no future?

Principally working with performance, text and video installation, the work manifests itself through a mix of poetic reasoning and research driven methodologies. Previous works have included extended durational performances, site responsive investigations into places of abandon and ruin, intense poetic readings, immersive video installations and published texts.

Samuel is also a part of the writing collective TEXST group, who explore the presence of text within visual art in all of its manifestations. TEXST stage regular meetings, performances, exhibitions, workshops and have published two collections.

Samuel Brzeski (b,1988, London) studied BA English Literature at Sheffield University, UK and is currently finishing his MA Fine Art at Bergen Institute of Art, Norway. Samuel has exhibited in London, Venice, Berlin, Prague and Bergen and has taken residencies in Italy, Germany and Finland.