Susan Watkin – US

Susan is an artist living and loving life in Alaska. There is natural beauty to paint at every turn. Over thirty years of painting she has produced canvases and murals to grace the homes, businesses, and institutes of many. Much of her work is representational landscape, but she has a wide range of subjects and have received recognition for her architectural and wildlife renderings as well. Susan has travelled with her husband extensively and their life experiences have greatly influenced her work. Susan also has a background in healthcare, and in the last twenty years became involved with painting murals for healthcare facilities large and small. She believes that healthcare, well-being and art have a strong relationship. I love the freedom of a large wall and have been fortunate to paint largescale murals for backdrops and dioramas for national outdoor retail stores and the National Wonders of Wildlife Museum. Susan’s passion has always been to bring the outdoors in, to encourage its exploration and appreciation and to share it with those that cannot experience it physically. Her inspiration comes from extensive hiking, and back-packing in the wilderness with her easel and dogs.